Box and Cox Vintage Hire offering games, decor and props for weddings and events

Wedding and Event Hire in Cornwall

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Who are Box and Cox?

'Box and Cox' was a 19th Century farce about two men, Box and Cox, who both rented the same room by a deceitful landlady.  One occupant works by day and one works by night, so both are unaware that they share the room.  


The popularity of the farce coined the phrase to 'box and cox', meaning to take turns.


Our collection is available for our clients to 'Box and Cox'

Since 2014, Box and Cox founder Gemma Rawlinson has been gathering and evolving Box and Cox's extensive collection.  With an eclectic mix of pieces carefully selected from antique fairs, boot fairs, flee markets and auctions, the collection is now considered to be one of the largest available for vintage hire in the UK.  Items from the collection feature at weddings, corporate events, photo shoots, magazine editorials, trade shows, parties, proms and balls.


A self confessed lover of the romance of vintage and the sheer joy that nostalgia brings, Gemma loves chatting to clients about their plans.  To ensure everyone gets the most out of Box and Cox's pieces, Gemma will talk each client through their vision to create an individual suggestion list of pieces to consider.    


If you’d like to chat about how to incorporate Box and Cox's unique pieces into your vision then get in touch!   If you'd like to come and see the collection in person, just get in touch!  

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If you’ve discovered Box and Cox, chances are you're looking for ways to add style, personality and perhaps even a little old fashioned fun to your wedding or event.  If this is you then you're 100% in the right place!


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